Acquisitions & Dispositions

Developers are the foundation of the real estate world. Developers seize opportunities in an effort to meet both business and community needs- converting ideas on paper into real property. Projects can range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved parcels. As a developer you drive markets and take the risks necessary for change to occur.

It is our great responsibility, then, to provide you with the latest intelligence, market data, critical skills, opportunities and insight in order to support your projects and guide your investments. Our approach is client-focused and results-oriented. Our collaborative platform enables us to help you assemble the resources and expertise necessary to achieve solutions and meet your specific goals.

Our professionals simplify a process that can be complicated and challenging. You will benefit from our professional’s knowledge and expertise, giving you an advantage, starting with site selection and acquisition, to get your project off the ground.

And when your project is prime for disposition, we provide in-depth knowledge, hours of research and careful analysis along with top-notch negotiation skills to produce maximum results.


Developers seize opportunities that respond to conditions and shape the future of our local markets.

Acquiring a site or property is one of the most important steps in development. We will work closely with you to detail the scope of the project, site selection criteria, business strategies and timeframe to ensure long-term viability and profitability of every project selected and acquired.

Key acquisition services include: build-to-suits, sale/leasebacks, 1031 exchanges, lease restructuring and recapitalization, asset strategy and advisory services.

Advisory Services

Our professionals are on call to provide expertise and thorough research together with recommendations based on present-day market conditions to provide an opinion of value and position your current properties or ones you may wish to purchase.  We know that when a client receives the approval to evaluate or dispose of an asset or an entire portfolio, time is money. That’s why we emphasize speed, efficiency and accuracy when delivering our recommendations.

Management Services

To maximize an asset’s value for the property’s owner, our leasing brokers work in tandem with our management professionals to focus on tenant retention. Outstanding customer service and total tenant satisfaction are our priority. That, combined with the fiduciary responsibility to the owner, guides decision-making in the delivery of each service.


The foundation of our approach involves the development and understanding of key qualitative and quantitative components of the business— Effective and efficient disposition requires an experienced professional who understands how the market place works between a buyer and seller; landlord and tenant. The complexity of multi-site disposition only amplifies the need for tenured expertise and proven disposition methodology.

We also provide key integrated services that pair with our acquisition and disposition brokerage strategies, creating a holistic approach for your real estate goals and creating the most value for your investment.

Project Leasing

Our leasing philosophy is to address every assignment as though we were the owner and to view those assignments from a focused, strategic angle. Our goal is not just to fill the vacant space in a property, but rather to increase the value of the asset by assessing the owner’s needs and objectives and satisfying those goals.

Property Marketing

Our marketing experts work in tandem with our leasing brokers to develop an innovative marketing strategy tailored to showcase your asset and make an impression.